GTA sanandreas


race your mates at this fantastic parkour challenge, choose a colour and race your mates to the finish line, place a torch on your color when you cross the line… Thank you


This a replica of the whole toy story house


COC map for the fans


This is where an abandoned place is nothing but ruins lost villagers including you have to fix and finish the city


This Add-On was made by the awesome Sethbling with Blockworks and Mindcrack. Defend the fort from the mob horde or join the monsters and crash the keep!


You may recognise this one from the E3 demo: it’s an action-packed scenario where you’ll need to defend a city from alien invasion!


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Sky Wars



Sky Wars



Cool! The new MineServer has been updated.


Why I can’t move when I spawn in

  1. You need to register when entering the server.
  2. When you entering the server, note that registration on-screen help information.
  3. The common method is to enter “/register password” or “password” in MCPE chat window.

How To Play

Add the Server IP into MCPE to Play!
Step By Step for 1 minute

  1. Open Minecraft PE 0.16.x
  2. Tap Play - Friends
  3. Tap the Add Server Icon screenshot
  4. Fill in Name : Server Title or other.
  5. Fill in IP/Address : IP shown above.
  6. Fill in Port : Port shown above.
  7. Tap Add Server - Done!
  8. Tap Play - Friends - Servers - Name to Play.

Poke Hunter Help

Welcome to Poker Hunter

  1. Make sure the network is working properly.
  2. If you do not find pokemons, please click on satellite button to refresh, which would cost about 5-15 seconds.