How To Play

Add the Server IP into MCPE to Play!
Step By Step for 1 minute

  1. Open Minecraft PE 0.16.x
  2. Tap Play - Friends
  3. Tap the Add Server Icon screenshot
  4. Fill in Name : Server Title or other.
  5. Fill in IP/Address : IP shown above.
  6. Fill in Port : Port shown above.
  7. Tap Add Server - Done!
  8. Tap Play - Friends - Servers - Name to Play.

I can’t move when I spawn in
Please refer to the following answer.

How do we login the game?

  1. You need to register when entering the server.
  2. When you entering the server, note that registration on-screen help information.
  3. The common method is to enter “/register password” or “password” in MCPE chat window.

How to become a VIP?
You need to contact the owner/admin/op of the server.

Why Play 3 Minutes?
You can Try 3 minutes, then add the IP to play full time.