Why I can’t move when I spawn in

  1. You need to register when entering the server.
  2. When you entering the server, note that registration on-screen help information.
  3. The common method is to enter “/register password” or “password” in MCPE chat window.

How to enter the server?

  1. Open Minecraft PE 0.16.x
  2. Tap Play - Friends
  3. Tap the Lan Games Button to Play screenshot

Why server always says disconnected from server.

  1. Because this server has a large delay.
  2. Delay requires less than 200ms.
  3. Lag smaller and flatter is better.

Why Play 3 Minutes?
Because APP can only run in the background for 3 minutes.You can Try 3 minutes, then Tap ‘Play Full Time ’ to play full time.